Warmer weather Dec 9th

A Note from our Groomers:

If it gets too warm it is best to stay off the trails I would say above +3C stay off as you go to the bottom of the track and it is very hard to correct that later. This warm weather is not what we need for ski trails. We were going to try and fix them but it is too warm for that too. I am sure we will get more snow soon and then we will be back in business.


Call out for assistance for board of directors

We are in search of a secretary for the DNSC board of directors. Responsibilities include keeping minutes to meetings, making up agenda for meetings, and communicating meeting location and times with board members, she also checks the club mailbox. Current secretary maintains website and helps with facebook page (however she is capable of continuing these unless it is something you are interested in).

Please contact us if you are interested in this volunteer position

Trail Update March 4

Not time to put away you skis quite yet. Here is a note from one of our groomers

“Well we groomed the hills and trails in lions park today. We also did the trails under the tobaggan hill and the skate ski loop in the ball diamond. They won’t be perfect look out for icy areas. We also groomed the main trail on the golf course there will still be some icy patches there too. One spot was solid ice Some more new snow in the tracks would help. Let us know how you make out on the trails”-Allan M.



Officially our trail head is the parking lot in between the Devon golf course and the Devon Lions Campgrounds. If your child is in bears Sundays the kids meet at the Lions Campground. The other exception is on Feb 5th DNSC Loppet please park at the main lot for the Devon Golf Course.